Introduction to the working principle of Wilden Air Valve

Wilden Air Valve is a special valve used to prevent negative pressure in the pipe caused by the decompression wave in the transient process. It is usually installed at a high point where the dynamic water pressure is low when the pipeline is in normal operation, and the liquid column separation may occur during the transient flow process.

Wilden Air Valve is a respirator for pipelines and a safeguard for pipeline safety. It is also called ventilation valve and exhaust valve, but it has an inhalation function, so it is more accurate to call it an air valve. The air valve is a small-diameter air valve with a single exhaust function, also known as a micro exhaust valve; a large-diameter air valve with both exhaust and intake functions, including high-speed intake and exhaust air valves, composite air valves, etc.; Air valve with air function, also known as suction valve and vacuum break valve.

When filling water into the pipe, the faster the gas in the pipe is discharged, the faster the water filling rate; if the water pressure of the water filling is too high and the flow rate is too fast, the air valve will seal the ball quickly, which is prone to water hammer; During the drainage process, if the air is not sucked into the pipe through the air valve or the suction valve in time, the drainage will not be smooth on the one hand, and negative pressure will easily occur on the other hand.