Introduction of product requirements for air valve assembly

From the working principle of the air valve assembly, the working performance of the air valve assembly will directly affect the work of the compressor cylinder. Therefore, the air valve assembly has the following requirements:

(1) Small resistance loss
The size of the valve resistance loss is related to the valve gap speed of the airflow and the size of the spring force. The higher the gas velocity, the greater the energy loss; if the spring force is too large, the resistance loss is also large, and its size is designed and determined according to the rationality criterion of the movement law of the valve.

(2) The air valve is closed in time and quickly
No air leakage when closed to improve the efficiency of the machine and prolong the service life.

(3) Long life and reliable operation.
The main factors that limit the service life of the air valve are the quality of the valve plate and the spring. Generally, for a compressor that operates continuously for a long time, it is expected to have a service life of more than 8,000 hours; for a compressor that operates in a mobile, short-term or intermittent operation, the requirements can be slightly lower.

(4) The clearance volume formed should be small

(5) Low noise
In addition, the valve is also required to be easy to assemble, install, maintain, and process.