How to choose furniture hardware correctly?

When it comes to furniture hardware, the first thing that comes to our mind is slide rails and hinges, but in fact, hardware is also classified very accurately, which can be roughly divided into basic hardware, functional hardware and decorative hardware, while basic hardware and functional hardware are also It is the most mentioned two categories in custom furniture.

Furniture hardware often carries the function of connecting various parts of the cabinet, including common hardware such as rails, hinges, handles, screws, etc., which are indispensable parts of furniture. When choosing, pay attention to the following points:

 Material selection: choose stainless steel, preferably nickel-plated surface, anti-corrosion, high strength; see accessories: the hinge is best matched with a damper, which can prevent shock and shock, and is safe and quiet. Look at the steel quality: The load-bearing capacity of a piece of furniture is closely related to the choice of steel for the rail.

Details determine the quality of life, often the more "inconspicuous" small details, the more they can play a big role! When considering custom furniture, you must not ignore hardware~