air valve assembly is a very important part

The air valve assembly is an important part in the reciprocating piston compressor, and it is also one of the easily damaged parts. Its quality directly affects the displacement, power consumption and reliability of the compressor. When the compressor is developing towards a high speed, one of the key issues limiting the speed increase is the valve assembly.

The air valve assembly is the component in the compressor that controls the flow of gas into and out of the cylinder. It is mainly composed of valve seat, valve plate, spring and lift limiter. The lift or closure between the valve plate and the valve seat determines the size and tightness of the gas passage.

The spring is mainly used to push the valve plate to close, and it can also reduce the impact of the valve plate and the lift limiter when it is opened. The lift limiter can limit the lift of the valve plate and can support the spring; the opening and closing of the valve plate is controlled by the pressure difference between the gas inside and outside the cylinder and the spring force, and no other driving mechanism is required, so it is called an automatic valve.